Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes collection, use, exposure, maintenance, and assurance of your own data. It applies to selltins.com site where this Security Strategy shows up in the footer, and to any selltins.com application, administration, or instrument (by and large “Assets” or “Administrations”) where this Protection Arrangement is referenced, paying little mind to how you access or use them, including through portable devices.By utilizing Assets with or without enrolled account, you are tolerating the terms of this Security Approach and Terms of Conditions, and you are consenting to the accumulation, use, divulgence, maintenance, and insurance of your own data as depicted in this Security Approach by Administrator.”Administrator”, “we” or “us” – Neighborhood Content Executive or other element that activity command over the Nearby Substance Manager, which renders the Administrations to the Clients and that controls Client’s own data.”Local Content Chairman” — Selltins.com Online Commercial center Nigeria Restricted, element fused under the laws of Nigeria.”User”, “you”, “your” – implies any characteristic individual qualified to finish up an understanding under the appropriate law with Director and utilizing any of Administrations with or without an enlisted record


Individual data you give us when you use Administrations or register an account Personal data Client reveal when register a record, including name, email locations or phone number.Users’ correspondence information; messages, letters, articulations, sent to the Client by other users.Other content that Client produce, or that is associated with Client account.Personal data we gather consequently when you use Administrations or register an account Usage and log data. Administration related, indicative, and execution data. This incorporates data about your action, (for example, how you utilize our item, how you associate with others utilizing our item, and such), log documents, indicative, and execution logs and reports.Device and association data. We gather gadget explicit data when you introduce, access, or use Administrations. This incorporates data, for example, equipment show, working framework data, program data, IP address, sensors of the gadget, portable system data including telephone number, and gadget identifiers. We gather gadget area data on the off chance that you utilize our area highlights, for example, when you post a declarations and for diagnostics and investigating purposes, for example, on the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty with our application’s area highlights. We may gather data about your email and another records whenever enrolled from the gadget on a remarkable premise because of performing of suspicious activities from the gadget and there is sensible uncertainty to expect that you can be an emulator.

Personal information we collect using cookies

We can use cookies-files (hereinafter — “cookies”) for storing of certain information about you and tracking your use of the Services. Use of cookies is common for Internet sites for the purpose of facilitation of their users’ identification. Cookie is a small volume of data which is sent to your internet browser and stored on your PC’s rigid disk. If you do not block or delete cookies, then in each case you use the Service via the same PC our web servers would be notified about you using the Services, and we would receive data on your visit. Generally, we use cookies for User identification and so that we could have a possibility to:

  • provide access to your account without re-entering data by you
  • collect statistics about usage of Services;
  • investigate the patterns of visits and to facilitate guiding of promoting materials based on Users’ interests;
  • monitor progress and participation in promotional events.

You are entitled to specify in which manner and at what time cookies will be accepted by way of setting your internet browser installed on PC, which you use for using the Services. You can change such settings at any time, as you wish. After your preferences will have been installed in the internet browser, you will be able to accept all cookies, or you can choose to notify you about cookies being directed to your browser, or you can discard all cookies. When you discard all cookies by having selected an option of blocking cookies in your browser, it can be possible that you will more often need to re-enter your information for getting access to your account, and some additional functionality on the Resources will not be available to you.

Personal information from other sources

We may allow you to share information with social media sites, or use social media sites to create your account or to connect your account with the respective social media site. Those social media sites may give us automatically access to certain personal information retained by them about you (e.g., content viewed by you, content liked by you, and information about the advertisements you have been shown or may have clicked on, etc.). You control the personal information you allow us to have access to through the privacy settings on the applicable social media site and the permissions you give us when you grant us access to your personal information retained by the respective social media site about you. By associating an account managed by a social media site with your account and authorizing us to have access to this information, you agree that we may collect, use and retain the information provided by these social media sites in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


We use the personal information we collect to:

  • Provide, improve, and personalize Services;
  • Contact you about your account and provide you customer support;
  • Provide you with a personalized experience on our sites;
  • Personalize our advertising and marketing communications;
  • Detect, prevent, mitigate and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities.

We may disclose your personal information to third parties. This disclosure may be required for us to provide you access to the Services, to comply with our legal obligations, to facilitate our marketing and advertising activities, or to prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities related to the Services.

We minimize the amount of personal information we disclose to what is directly relevant and necessary to accomplish the specified purpose. As stated above, we do not disclose your personal information to third parties for their marketing and advertising purposes.

We may disclose your personal information to the following parties and for the following purposes:

  • To third party service providers who help us to provide Services, including but not limited payment processing services, assist us in providing customize advertising. The third parties should use only that information, which is necessary for such services.
  • to law enforcement or governmental agencies, or authorized third-parties, in response to a verified request relating to a criminal investigation or alleged or suspected illegal activity or any other activity that may expose us, you, or any other of our users to legal liability.
  • to third parties involved in a legal proceeding, if they provide us with a subpoena, court order or substantially similar legal procedure, or we otherwise believe in good faith that the disclosure of information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm or financial loss or to report suspected illegal activity

Change of Ownership

If we were to merge with or be acquired by another company, we may share information with them in accordance with our global privacy standards. Should such an event occur, we will require that the new combined entity follow this Privacy Policy with respect to your personal information.


Users who registered an account may gain access to, adjust or delete information provided by them. The User shall bear responsibility for accuracy of data, or announcements posted by him/her to the Resource.

The User may disable, or change account credentials through settings. Posted information can be changed or deleted on user’s personal account on the Resource web page, via application.

You are entitled to delete your account at any time. Together with your account we also delete all materials that you’ve ever posted. If you wish not to delete your account but only to suspend its using, you can deactivate it. Please remember that information related to you, and shared by and between other persons, shall not be considered as a part of your account, therefore, it won’t be deleted together with your account


We protect your information using technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. Some of the safeguards we use are data encryption, physical access controls to our data centers, and information access authorization controls. If you believe your account has been abused, please contact us following the instructions in the Contact.

User information is available only to those employees of Administrator, who need such an access to personal user information for performing their official duties. All employees having access to user information shall sign non-disclosure agreement with regard to non-disclosing user information to the third parties.


All changes of this Privacy Policy shall be reported by means of posting amendments or revised versions of Privacy Policy to the Services. The reworded Privacy Policy shall be deemed effective immediately after having been posted.

Administrator shall not be responsible for any damages or loss incurred by the User of the third parties due to misunderstanding or lack of understanding of terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, guidelines or instructions regarding procedure of operating the Services, order of data posting and any other technical issues.


Should you have any questions, wishes or complaints related to information provided by you please contact us at the address: [email protected]

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